Flying cows in Switzerland

What is Switzerland known for worldwide? Mountains, watches, chocolate, cheese, and cows. Without these gentle animals, Switzerland would not be able to produce milk chocolate or cheese. In mountainous Switzerland, cows do not only graze on pastures in the lowlands. On many pastures in the mountainous regions, they can feed on mountain herbs and fresh… Continue reading Flying cows in Switzerland

Röstigraben and Polentagraben – Dishes as Border Features

Anyone who has ever been to Switzerland knows Rösti made from grated potatoes. For a little Mediterranean flair, travel to Ticino and enjoy polenta. This article, however, is not about tasty “Härdöpfel” (potato) or cornmeal dishes, but about language and cultural borders. Switzerland is officially quadrilingual. The majority of the population speaks German (62.6 %),… Continue reading Röstigraben and Polentagraben – Dishes as Border Features