We are four linguists who know how boring grammar can be. One day we had the bright idea to create a website to help kids learn languages while having fun and having a good laugh. 


CEO of Culturally Speaking.
She doesn’t talk much, but she hears and sees eveything!
Motto: There is no love more sincere than the love of food.


Manager Italian-speaking region.
Quiet in life like a red panda, but when he gets angry… he doesn’t. With no one.
Motto: We are what we are.


Manager German-speaking region.
Semi-professionally mislaying stuff since 1996, always looking for something.
Motto: I try not to think, it interferes with being nuts.


Manager English-speaking region.
Mother of cats, enjoys long romantic walks to the fridge, laughter aficionado, trying her best.
Motto: Weird is just a side effect of awesome.